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“Impatience isn’t a fault, it’s a right! Yachtster was born from this idea. Spending a day at sea should be as simple as renting a car or making an airline reservation. Through our website or Yachtster’s smartphone app, you can reach dozens of luxury boats anywhere in the world to find out if they’re available in real time. Thanks to an instant response, your charter can be organized in less than 2 hours with all the amenities required. Our secret? Teamwork between an innovative company with a truly efficient business model and a global leader in international yachting. Now, Yachtster is changing the rules of the game as well as your way of life. Prepare to come aboard.


your yacht in one single click


Yachtster is the first real-time luxury yacht charter service, specializing in 10-40m units and one-day or shortperiod charters. Our integrated and digitized services enable us to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients in less than 2 hours.


Yachtster provides turnkey charters with a handpicked crew, comprehensive catering services, and a limousine service to the departure point. No need to worry about maintenance or fuel. The client freely chooses a package and Yachtster takes care of everything.


Yachtster’s user interface ensures simple and secure reservations. The insurance included in each contract is one of the most comprehensive and reliable on the market. Yachtster provides technical support and telephone/electronic assistance 24/7.


history of the collaboration


An international yachting reference and the very embodiment of luxury yachting, Camper & Nicholsons was founded over 2 centuries ago and is now the worldwide leader of all luxury yachting activities. They specialize in buying, selling, chartering, marketing, managing and building the most beautiful yachts in the world.


A yachting company called MYS was founded. In observing the operating procedures of yacht chartering, he noticed that the channels were sometimes slow and complex, and that the luxury codes which had previously advocated “taking time” were evolving towards swift and immediate service while maintaining quality. And there you have it! MYS convinced yacht owners to give him full control over their vessels in order to provide swift responses to clients and to democratize yacht chartering by making it more accessible.


a revolution in yachting


The results: he is now capable of providing immediate service to all his clients. The company has experienced constant progress over the course of 12 years, most notably by partnering with the finest hotels in Monaco, Cannes, and St. Tropez, thereby becoming the go-to company among yachting professionals who are seeking to charter boats that are less than 40m for periods of less than 7 days, by developing the French Riviera’s largest partner-network, by positioning itself as #1 in day charters. Subsequently, the name Yachtster was born from this collaboration.

crew & team office

Yachtster selects highly-qualified captains and crews to ensure the comfort and safety of its guests. Aquality service charter has been set up, as well as a reception and service procedure onboard Yachtster vessels. A Yachtster agent is present at every embarkation to ensure that the service requested by the clients is properly executed. Yachtster agents can be reached 24/7 in order to meet the needs of all Yachtster clients. Yachtster operates like a club, always at the service of its members.


immediate boarding

1. I choose my region, my itinerary, and my guests.
2. The list of available yachts appears, and I make a selection.
3. I choose my itinerary: à la carte package or all-inclusive package, for which I can see the total cost (boat plus other additional services I may choose). I have the option of choosing additional services: catering, limousine transportation.
4. My reservation appears; I verify it and pay online or confirm my reservation.
No authorization necessary, no waiting period required; the booking is instantaneous.